If you like to do things by your hands, sound deadening installation will be an easy task for you. It is a simple process, which will make your car more comfortable. You need instructions on how to trim off the car’s interior, you can easily find it online. The instruction on how to correctly install sound deadening material comes with every product.

If you have decided to cover the doors, the result will be that the noise of streets and passing cars nearby will be lowered, and the sound of the car's acoustic will be better. After sound deadening the floor and wheel arches, there will be less noise from tires and engine. For the complete effect of the sound deadening, it is also recommended to cover the trunk and roof. You will get rid of all the car’s noise from the back this way along with perfecting the interior sound of the car’s acoustic.

First, take a look at Amazon or any other major marketplace. In the first 3-5 positions you will find the most popular products. Choose one that seems more attractive to you in terms of price and reviews. You can find a spreadsheet on the manufacturer's website to help you calculate the correct amount of material. Then follow manual instructions in the packaging.

Soundproofing hardly increases the weight of the vehicle. On average, this is 2-4 kg (according to the number of doors) if you only insulate the doors, up to 30-50 kg (according to vehicle size) if the entire car is insulated. For instance, even with a small car, 30 kg does not have any significant influence on the engine load or fuel consumption.