A cost-effective solution that makes your car quieter

capConsiderably cuts down on road and engine noise

capGreatly improves car audio perfomance

capVery sticky, no tar smell. Easy to work with and install

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Our objective is providing consumers with high quality sound insulation at an adequate price. With unique experience in the high-tech production line development, we strive to stay several steps ahead of ever-increasing customer requirements. Our goal is to supply all car owners with affordable, reliable and safe sound insulation making every ride truly different.

Our sound deadening material is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including:
– doors sound proofing
– floor sound deadening,
– roof insulation,
– wheel arches noise suppression,
– trunk sound insulation and etc.

«Kalapie» eliminates all internal and external types of noise, such as rain and hail noise, tyre, gravel and road noise, excessive engine buzz & many others to provide you with an incredible driving pleasure.


In this section we have prepared a detailed instruction and material quantity chart. The instruction clarifies how to install sound insulation material in a proper way.

The chart shows how much material you will need for your car. Look through or download the instruction for all types of materials.

When you look into those topics you will be able to:

  • – calculate the required quantity of the materials
  • – learn how to select the material you need
  • – learn how to install the material properly
Wheel wells

to silence

  • step 1

    Disassemble the interior

  • step 2

    Install the material

  • step 3

    Install the foam liner as a second layer

  • step 4

    Assemble everything back

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